MAKER / ORIGIN: Sweden  DESIGNER: Nils Strinning  DATE: 1949

Jon Jansen String Wall Storage System

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MAKER / ORIGIN: New Zealand

DESIGNER: Nils Strinning / Jon Jansen

DATE: Original Design 1949 / This set 1960's

DIMENSIONS: L. 920mm H. 1820mm (but could be higher if top cabinet raised) D. 410mm (lower cabinet)

MATERIAL: Adjustable wall unit storage system consisting of two string metal wall brackets and 3 mahogany veneer cabinets which hook on to the metal frame. Top cabinet has 2 glass sliding doors and an adjustable height glass mid shelf. The middle cabinet has 2 sliding doors and an adjustable mahogany mid shelf. The lower cabinet has 4 drawers and which slide on central runners.

CONDITION: Excellent original condition. There is some fading to the veneer so it's darker where the string shelves have protected veneer from the light.  The cabinet door swings out and has provision for an adjustable shelf although the shelf is missing


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